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Design a life of your choosing with a groundbreaking opportunity in the health and wellness industry.

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There’s a big difference between living and existing. 

When you’re existing, your life hardly feels like your own.

You’re constantly on the backfoot; stressed, dissatisfied, defeated, bored and uninspired. You’re sitting idly by as time - your most precious and finite resource - slips away. 

When you’re living - truly living - you’re ignited by purpose, you’re harnessing your power and you’re manifesting the possibilities.

You know that anything you want is within reach, and you’re on your way to get it.  

How do you transform from surviving, to thriving?

It starts with clarity, purpose and passion - and brick by brick, taking back control. 

Are you letting life happen to you, or making life happen for yourself?

Living life to the fullest doesn’t happen by default, it happens by design.  

I can empower you to take the wheel, live a life of your choosing, and make an impact. 

I have the vehicle to help you design the life you love. One of balance - not burnout, of collaboration - not competition, of fun - not boredom, of true fulfillment - not defeat. One that makes a difference in the lives of others. 

We’re all unique. A life of purpose, power and possibilities looks different for everyone. You may be looking to regain a sense of independence after raising a family, seeking a supplementary income while you study, or craving a business opportunity that enables you to travel and empowers you to thrive from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you want to create all of the above! You want health, choice and your version of freedom. Whatever your dream or drive, I can help you:

Create a life of financial security, or the kind of freedom you crave 

Improve your overall health and wellbeing 

Spend more quality time with the ones you love, or take a holiday with your family!  

Choose your working terms, from anywhere in the world 

Farewell self-sacrifice, reclaim your power and identity 

Help to improve the lives of others, without losing yourself 

Love Health and Wellness?

Want to design a life of your choosing and turn your passion into a profitable online reality?

This platform can empower you to gain financial security while working in the thriving health and wellness industry.

It’s health, wealth and happiness - all in one. 

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I’ve been where you are now. 

That’s how I know it works.

I’m familiar with the depths of despair, the all-consuming financial stress, the insatiable void. I’ve experienced firsthand how transformative this solution can be. A business model - which for me, was a lifeline of hope - that provided me with the opportunity to change my life. I’ve been able to build a life of my choosing, support my family, create wonderful memories, and live with no regrets. 

Work for yourself, not by yourself. 

The life of your choosing - one that is abundant with vitality, making a positive impact, and thriving, not surviving -  is within reach. It’s brimming with purpose, power and possibilities.

This platform will allow you to explore entrepreneurship and enjoy the freedom of self-employment, without sacrificing connection. 

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These legends decided to make their lives count.

Read their success stories.

“In my twenties, I lived my dream of travelling and working all over Europe. I loved it! But in my thirties, life changed drastically when I became a mum - and not long after, a single mum. My dreams of travel and freedom went out the window. I had to survive.

After running my own cafe for seven years, I was exhausted. During time with my daughter I was tired, grumpy and not present. I felt alone. Then - things changed.

I joined a thriving community where I could grow and work in times that suited me. Despite being unsure about the business model at first, I thought - why not? Now, I’m no longer alone in business. I have incredible friendships and I work in a great community.  I have mentors who push me out of my comfort zone, and inspire me to grow not only my business but as a human. I work in pockets of time that suit me, from anywhere I want. I’m present. I’m no longer tired and grumpy. My daughter and I are loving life! And now I’m back on that road to my dream of being able to work and travel anywhere in this beautiful world.”

Tash Davidson, member of The Elevation Hub 

Success Story

“After a fantastic 30+ year-career, I wanted to start using my amassed skillset to make a real, meaningful impact into people's lives.

I have always loved to mentor and coach women and for years, I kept telling myself that I want to create a location-independent business. One that gives me a passive stream of income into retirement, in which I would be surrounded by like-minded, and uplifting individuals. A community where I could help other women succeed and live their healthiest and best life ever.

Well, the Universe replied and gave it all to me with an incredibly powerful, inspiring, informative, fun and collaborative business this year! I couldn't be happier.” 

Rosariet Swagemakers, member of The Elevation Hub

Success Story

“My New Year's resolution in 2020 was to create time, financial freedom and good health - while having a positive impact on humanity.

The answer came disguised in an opportunity that I nearly overlooked. I became part of an amazing community. A community - called The Elevation Hub - that has changed my life on so many levels and is continuing to do so. One year on, I am healthier and stronger than ever as I now enjoy my fifth decade; I do what I love - running my businesses in beautiful locations wherever I choose to be; I have a consistently growing team of 200 members in 15 countries; I enjoy a consistent weekly passive income and community of like-minded people who inspire and motivate me daily - as we focus on making this world a better place.” 

Liana Rader, member of The Elevation Hub 

Success Story

It is time to create your own success story.

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